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About us

T H Flory & Car Climate UK is a car electrical diagnostic and repair centre serving middlesbrough and the teesside area, providing anything from a replacement bulb or fuse, to more complex repairs including control units, programming, wiring repairs, and everything in between.

We carry a large stock of OE-quality BANNER batteries, and offer free testing and fitting on most batteries.

We are also car air conditioning specialists, offering AC servicing (both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants), leak testing, diagnostics, and more involving repairs like condensers, compressors, pipework etc.

Our Services & Offers

We can carry out diagnostic tests on the majority of vehicles. We use a range of different equipment, some up to dealer level. We aim to provide an accurate diagnosis from the start, reading errors is just the tip of the iceberg, and usually just the start of the job.

Once a fault is confirmed, the car’s systems are interrogated using diagnostic equipment, and the diagnosis can progress from there, usually moving on to wiring and individual component tests.

Some vehicles require programming when parts are changed, or to change settings, program remote keys etc, we can provide most services of this type for most makes. Please call us to check if we can do what you need.

The battery is the heart of any car, no matter wether it has petrol, diesel, or even electric drive, if the battery is not up to the job you could be left stranded!

We can test your battery, and if it is no longer serviceable we can supply and fit a new one for a competitive price.

We currently only supply Banner batteries, which are made in Austria to a very high standard.

Banner make original factory fit batteries for many vehicle manufacturers including aston martin, audi, BMW, mercedes, porsche, rolls royce, VW, and many more.

Fitting the correct type of battery to your vehicle is important, there are 3 main types of batteries fitted to cars/vans, which are:

Standard lead/acid (sometimes calcium-based mainly on ford vehicles),

EFB / enhanced flooded battery (used on vehicles with stop-start and low energy demand),

AGM / absorbed glass mat (used on high energy demand cars and/or stop-start.

Battery prices change on a regular basis, please call us for a price.

If a vehicle is to be left for longer than 4 weeks, it is advised to leave on a maintenance charger to prevent not only battery discharge, but also to prevent damaging the battery. A battery left in a discharged state may not revive when charged, and the warranty could be voided.

If leaving a vehicle connected to a charger is not possible when left for more than 4 weeks, disconnecting the battery is advised.

Also, when storing a battery either disconnected or off the vehicle, it should be in a fully charged state.

Almost all car batteries are a sealed unit these days, and adding water/acid is generally not advised or even possible on some types.

Never subject the battery to shock, and always keep the terminals covered to avoid causing a short circuit which could not only damage the battery, but possibly cause a fire.

Link to Banner batteries:


We specialise in air conditioning repairs and servicing. We are equipped with machines for handling both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants, and can carry out anything from an AC service/re-gas, to major repairs like compressors, condensers, pipework, and even the evaporator.

Your car AC system comprises of many parts, and needs correct care if it is to work efficiently for the service life of the car. Most AC system manufacturers recommend having the system serviced every 2 years.

We keep most common parts in stock, and a good stock of refrigerant to keep us going when we get a hot spell.

We advise if you have a problem with your AC system, to get it checked out as soon a possible to avoid disappointment, as during warmer spells demand for AC repairs goes up considerably.

If you have any questions about your AC system or want to get your car booked in for diagnosis/repair, please call us.

A Typical car has over 30 exterior bulbs, it is inevitable that replacements are needed from time to time. There are many different types used, not just shape and sizes, but different power and even technologies. Normal filament bulbs are usually used in side lamps, stop lamps, tail lamps, indicators etc. Halogen bulbs are used for most headlamps, front fog lamps. LED bulbs are used for side repeaters, 3rd break lamps and even in some modern headlamps/tail lamps. Xenon technology is also far more popular in sports and prestige car headlamps, owing to their huge increase in light output.

We keep all commonly used bulbs in stock, and can fit them for you.

If you have already replaced a bulb and the lamp still does not operate, give us a call and we can book the car in to test the electrical systems supplying the light to find and repair the fault.

T H Flory has been serving the middlesbrough area since the 1920’s, and although we like to keep up with technology, we try to still deliver an “old fashioned” customer service. If you have a problem with your car electrics, give us a ring!

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